Are you are a practising Psychic Surgeon and interested in joining UUPS

UUPS has been setup as a directory of respected and professional UK Psychic Surgeons.

UPPS members can be trusted by the general public and are working with the correct ethical and moral values required by “Spirit” to perform this very controversial form of spiritual work.

In the past Psychic Surgery has had its fair share of bad press and charlatans. UUPS is looking to modernize Psychic Surgery for the 21st century and bring this amazing form of healing to the general public in a more modern trustworthy format.

Joining the UK Psychic Surgeons Directory

  • You will need your own website detailing who you are, and which services you offer.
  • Your website will need to show client testimonials of your work.
  • Create a backlink from your website to

Benefits Of Joining UUPS

Professional Recognition by The Unity Of UK Psychic Surgeons

Clients interested in your services or classes can find you easily and directly. 

UPPS Agreed Psychic Surgeons Insurance

UUPS website and social media advertising

The only UK directory of Psychic Surgery Practitioners throughout the UK

Increase your media presence and earning potential