We know that those of us through our practise of Intuitive Healing can get a diagnosis from our Spirit Surgeon’s but the Law is we cannot diagnose, therefore we must withhold that knowledge for the assistance with our work ONLY and NOT impart it to our Client.

Psychic Surgeons Code Of Conduct

This code of conduct details the way in which all UUPS members will work with their clients in order to uphold the high standards required by members.

  • The Panel accept Spirit Surgeon’s work with Channel’s in different ways and that is accepted,  providing they meet the requirements set down by the Panel for Unity of UK Psychic Surgeon’s.
  • Be aware of good hygiene practice. Maintain personal hygiene standards as we work closely with Client’s.
  • Be aware of the practice of washing hands (symbolically or physically) between Client’s.
  • The Panel will not accept the practice of Psychic Surgery whereby the removal of clothing is required.
  • The Panel will not accept the practise of cutting the skin.
  • The Panel suggests the Practitioner keep to a charge which is reasonable per condition.
  • There is no time limit for Psychic Surgery as with conventional operations take different lengths of time.
  • Psychic Surgeon’s work 10 times faster than conventional medical operations.
  • One operation could take 10 minutes while another could take up to an hour.
  • The Law says we cannot promise a cure either verbally or through advertising.
  • The Law through the Cancer Act 1939 forbids you to advertise or verbally promise or make claims of a cure for Cancer.
  • Psychic Surgeon’s are not Doctor’s so therefore must not diagnose or interfere with the Doctors advise on medical prescription drugs.
  • The Panel advises that Psychic Surgery Practitioner strongly urge their Client continue with any medical treatment and medication programme until advised to stop by their Doctor.
  • The Panel strongly urges the Practitioner to obtain appropriate written consent before offering contact healing.
  • Notice: Under the Guidelines of Code of Conduct for the Unity of UK Psychic Surgeons, I have included the areas which may affect Psychic Surgeons and Members as quoted by the Insurance company.
  • “The practice of Psychic Surgery that complies with the strict protocols as they apply to a member’s of, and set by, the Panel of the Unity of UK Psychic Surgeons Code of Conduct.”

Code of Conduct - Purpose

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set standards for practising healer members of the UUPS.  It also provides a reference on those standards for the public.

1.  Psychic Surgeon’s are to practice as Healer’s, they are not medically trained Doctor’s

2.  The Law in the United Kingdom states that Healer’s (which includes Psychic Surgeon’s) cannot diagnose.

3.  Practitioner’s should during their consultation, ask if the Client has consulted a Doctor before treatment?.

4.  The Practitioner should strongly urge that the Client continue with any medical treatment or programme until their Doctor has instructed otherwise.

5.  There is no reason for a Client to undress, our Spirit Surgeon’s will work through clothing.

6.  Healing is complementary but Psychic Surgery can be alternative.

7.  Remember we treat Client’s not Patient’s.

8.  Our fee, as with other occupations is to cover our time and not for our Healing.

9.   Practitioner’s should not make claims to cure, especially with conditions such as Cancer.

10. Practitioner’s must be aware of the Section 4, Cancer Act 1939.

11. Practitioner’s must abide by the laws of confidentiality.

12. Practitioner’s must require their Client’s sign an Informed consent disclosure prior to Treatment at all times.

13  Practitioner’s must ensure during the Practice of Demonstration’s that their Client (although not paying) signs the Informed Consent.

14  Practitioner’s and Member’s of Unity of UK Psychic Surgeons must abide by the Laws of the United Kingdom as set out in our Code of Conduct.


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