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UUPS - Unity Of UK Psychic Surgeons

UUPS ( Unity Of UK Psychic Surgeons ) upps logo

The Unity of UK Psychic Surgeon's is an Organization set up as a Governing body for Practitioner's in Psychic Surgery. These Practitioner's will be expected to work at a very high standard of practice.

The Governing body will oversee the practice of every member to ensure their claims are genuine.

Each member will be invited by the Panel to attend an interview. If the Panel agree, the Practitioner will undergo a 6 months probationary period.

During this 6 month probationary period the probationary member will fill out a 4 page UUPS Questionnaire. On receiving testimonials for their results, the questionnaire and the testimonial are photocopied and sent together to Professor Archie E Roy and Tricia Robertson for assessment.

The research programme is ongoing after the probationary period. Testimonials and data will continue to be collected and assessed for the study of psychical research.

Once accepted as a Full member on the report from Tricia Robertson they will be included in our link find a Psychic Surgeon and recommended by the Organization.

All probationary and full members will be required to comply with a strict Protocol as set by the Panel.
These findings will be forwarded in keeping with present practice.
All Testimonials will be evaluated by Independent respected Psychical Researcher's.

Panel Adjudicator's:-

  • Andy Porter


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